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Revelation (Part 28) The Reaping
March 08, 2020 07:05 PM PDT
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In this sermon we consider the final few verses of Revelation chapter 14. Jesus holds a sickle, and the time has come for him to reap the earth. This is a parallel passage to 1 Thessalonians 4 & 5. It is a message of judgement, but also a message of encouragement. The people of the son of man will be saved to eternal life, but the people of the devil will be judged, thrown into the blazing fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Revelation (Part 27): The Message of the Three Angels
March 03, 2020 06:40 AM PST
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This sermon considers the message of the 3 Angels that is described to us in Revelation 14. The message is primarily aimed at the Church. It is a call for patient endurance, to remaining faithful to Jesus until the end. To make sure that we do not give up, and abandon our faith, even in the face of intense difficulty, persecution, social pressure and shame, and even in the face of death. It is a brisk and blunt message, but one whose intensity is needed in those moments when we are tempted to be silent or to deny Jesus.

The Wisdom of Solomon
March 03, 2020 06:37 AM PST
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Our Youth and Sports Director, Gordon Nichols, preaching on the life and wisdom of King Solomon. This is a very thorough look, beginning with the story of Solomon's parents, his rise to becoming a king, his prayer for wisdom, and his fall into sin. We also briefly survey Solomon's wisdom teaching from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs.

Broken and Blessed
February 18, 2020 10:24 AM PST
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One of our Elders, Greg Good, preaching on the life of Jacob from the book of Genesis. Particularly the story of Jacob wrestling with God, as Jacob was afraid for his life from his brother Esau. This is a story about prayer... and enduring in prayer...

Revelation (Part 26): The Lamb and His Followers
February 10, 2020 07:34 AM PST
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In this sermon, we consider the Lamb's 1st response to the Dragon, the beast, and the false prophet: the 144,000. This group of people is the same 144,000 that is described in chapter 7: the true Israel of God, those redeemed from among all the people, the church. Here in chapter 14, the 144,000 are described in 3 ways: 1) they were virgins, 2) they followed the Lamb, and 3) they were purchased in order to be offered as a first fruits. That is what they were, and what they did: 1) They did not lie, but spoke the truth, and 2) They were blameless.

Revelation (Part 25): The Beast from the Earth
February 04, 2020 09:56 AM PST
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This sermon considers the second half of Revelation chapter 13: the second beast, the imitation lamb that speaks like a dragon, the false prophet. We don't like to think that as Christians, difficulty and suffering and persecution is promised for us. And our cry is not that the persecution would end, but that we would endure through it. That we would be faithful through it. That when we will be tested, when we will be tempted to take the easy way out, that we would rather remain faithful to the teaching of Jesus. We also consider the mark of the Beast: 666.

Revelation (Part 24): The Beast from the Sea
January 20, 2020 12:07 PM PST
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Today we consider the first ten verses of Revelation chapter 13. Satan begins his rage against the churches, and he calls forth a beast from the sea to accomplish his furious purpose. For the initial audience (the 7 churches that the book of Revelation was written to), that beast was Rome, or the Roman Empire. And the whole known world at that time was in awe of Rome, and assumed that Rome was unconquerable. And Rome was about to bring persecution, captivity, and even death, to those early Christians. This called for patient endurance, and faithfulness on the part of the saints.

Revelation (Part 23): Her Offspring and the Dragon
January 16, 2020 09:32 AM PST
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In this sermon we consider the second half of Revelation Chapter 12. Satan, the red dragon, has been frustrated, and has lost battles with God. He could not defeat faithful Israel, he could not devour Jesus, he could not beat the archangel Michael... and so, filled with fury, the Devil turns his focus against the church: Those who keep God's commands, and are faithful to the testimony about Jesus.

Revelation (Part 22): The Woman and the Dragon
January 07, 2020 09:13 AM PST
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This sermon considers the first 6 verses of chapter 12. We learn that a woman is about to give birth to a son, Jesus. But this isn't Mary, the woman represents faithful Israel. And waiting to devour this child is a red dragon, Satan. But he will fail...

Matt Trussell, on Walking in the Light
January 07, 2020 09:10 AM PST
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One of our Elders, Matt Trussell, preaching on the importance of confessing our sins to one another, so we can have fellowship with one another, and walk in the light. We glorify God in our weakness, and it is important to be honest about our sins, in order to establish authentic disciple making relationships.

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